My Mind, Peanuts, Has 4 Eyes

I broke my glasses as a result of my mind, Peanuts, positioned them immediately beneath the place my foot was speculated to go.

My Brain, Peanuts
My Mind, Peanuts

Peanuts and I’ve been sporting glasses now for 20 years resulting from grownup onset blurriness, and also you’d suppose my mind, Peanuts, would have discovered a solution to not step on them.

However no, each as soon as shortly Peanuts has to check me to see if I’m nonetheless paying consideration (and I by no means am).

I don’t get it as a result of there’s nothing Peanuts and I hate doing greater than having to get new glasses.  What was Peanuts considering?

So I obtained my husband, 37, to tape them again collectively for me, as a result of he’s an engineer so he is aware of about issues like that.

Besides that I didnt belief his taping judgment as soon as he was finished and added extra tape myself.

So now I’m formally a nerd.

I’d take an image to present you however I believe it is perhaps too early within the morning for that. Oh what the heck, let’s stay dangerously lets?

Me in my new nerdy glasses:

Effectively, wait a minute . . . let me see if I can take the image from a greater angle:

Oh that’s higher.  I like this of me in my nerdy glasses a bit higher as a result of you possibly can’t actually see the tape all that a lot.

Anyway, what have been we speaking about?  Oh yeah, the careless conduct of my mind, Peanuts.

So now Peanuts and I should stumble right down to the glasses retailer and get these nasty drops put in.  Then as soon as we’re legally blind, we shall be guided out entrance to pick frames from the 2 or three thousand types displayed proper in entrance of our eyes someplace.

The dialog with the skilled four-eyes care specialist will go one thing like this:

Me:  How do these look on me?

Her:  Oh these look good on you.

Me:  Actually?  Effectively how about these?

Her:  Oh!!! These look good on you!

Me.  Actually?  What about these?

Her:  Oh these!!! Look good on you.

Me:  How about these?

Her:  Oh these, look!!!  Good on you!!

Me:  And these?

Her:  Oh these look good!!! On you!!

Me:   Oh however what about these?

Her:  Oh these look good on!!!  You!!!!!

Me:  Oh, yeah, what about these?

Her:  Oh these look good on you.

After all, all of us understand how this story ends.  Peanuts and I’ll lastly resolve on frames, then return to choose them up three weeks later as a result of their motto is prepared in about an hour give or take three weeks.

Me Selecting Up My Glasses:  Are you certain these are my glasses as a result of they appear horrible and I can’t see a factor.

Her:  OH!!! THOSE!!! LOOK!!! GOOD!!! ON!!! YOU!!!

Then Peanuts and I’ll go residence and whereas I’m crying my eyes out, Peanuts shall be consuming a 1000 grams of sugar.

Till subsequent time . . . I really like you

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